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How can I be sure shopping with you is really secure?

We take our own site security, and your data privacy, extremely seriously. Scotweb was the first Scottish company to invest in SSL secure e-commerce technology (in 1995) long before most people had heard of the Web, because we recognised how important this issue is.

We will always treat your privacy and data security with the utmost care. We build our systems to the highest security standards and use the latest in security technology to ensure your credit card information stays safe. Our rigorous security practices mean you can be assured that your credit card data is actually safer with us than, for example, ordering by telephone.

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Do you keep my credit card number on file?

We DO NOT store your credit card details on our servers. But we DO allow you to make further purchases on the same card if you have shopped with us before! Here’s how it works…

The first time you shop with us, your card details are sent (securely encrypted) to our credit card clearance company. When they clear the transaction, they do not give us your full card details (only an obscured version of your card number and an expiry date e.g: 41**3473 21/05).

To make further charges and refunds to your card, they give us a key code that only we can ever use from then on, so it would be useless to anyone else. This is what we use if you shop with us again.

This means you get the best of both worlds… the convenience of repeat shopping, and the confidence of total security!


Scotweb’s security statement

You can supply your credit card details to Scotweb Store in confidence that this data will not be stolen or misused. We will not reveal details of our full security system here, since to do so might itself compromise our security. But the following assurances will address most concerns.

Scotweb systems are built on the robust Linux operating system, known for its superior security to Windows.

When you place an order with Scotweb Store, your credit card number is only ever transmitted directly to our (Royal Bank of Scotland) approved banking facility. We never receive or hold your credit card numbers from Scotweb Store transactions in our offices.

Sensitive data such as credit card numbers are securely encrypted, using a specialist state-of-the-art interception-proof transmission method implemented by the banking facility, for every stage of their communication route.

We never store credit card numbers on our servers.

Any later adjustments, refunds, repeat charges (approved by yourself) etc. are transacted using a unique reference code unique to Scotweb and useless to anyone else, and not by using your actual credit card number.

We use high-grade public key encryption for the transmission of all personal data to and from our servers.

Therefore your data is securely encrypted and invulnerable to interception at all points from leaving your computer to arriving with our approved banking facility.

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