Scotweb terms & conditions: summary

By viewing and/or downloading any part of this web site facility, or by creating and/or publishing new or modified tartans using this system, you are deemed to be accepting our full Terms and Conditions. These are summarised on this page, and more fully detailed in other articles in our Information Centre.

Taxes & duties

In simple terms, if your delivery is to within the European Union, we charge you VAT. If goods are sent beyond the EU, we do not charge VAT. Any import duties or other local taxes will be applied by the relevant body in your country and are not included in the total cost of your order from us. See this section for more details.

Order confirmation

Your order is not confirmed until we charge it. See this section for more details. We reserve the right to request production or postal surcharges for orders that fall outwith our automated system's normal parameters, such as unusually complex tartan designs for weaving,  or unusually bulky or heavy packages or to unusual destinations. You will have the option to cancel your order under such circumstances.

Tartan copyright

You are assuming legal responsibility for ensuring each design you create is unique and infringing no one else’s rights. Every tartan design is unique and many have restrictions on their use by commercial or other interests. Most of these are already recorded as such in our systems. We will always do our best to preserve the spirit of any tartan designer’s intellectual property. See this section for more details.

Your Rights & Responsibilities

You waive all legal rights to any new tartan design you publish in the Gallery, or otherwise make visible to third parties, unless and until you commission its production as physical fabric or other products, whereupon it will be deemed your original copyright design, and to have been published under a Creative Commons License. Any copyright claim can only ever be provisional, and contingent upon no one else establishing a prior claim to the same design elsewhere. It is subject to the licensing terms described below. See this section for more details. 


Any tartan you commission for weaving must have a unique name. This may not duplicate any name previously recorded by any other user, nor the name of any tartan recorded by the Scottish Register of Tartans. It should also not imply claims that might be deemed to be false. See this section for more details.

License for Scotweb to produce

By saving and/or publishing a new tartan design using this system, you are granting Scotweb Marketing Ltd an exclusive right to weave, license, or otherwise use your design commercially. We will normally never do so except on your behalf. But should any other user wish us to produce your tartan design for any purpose, we reserve the right to do so. In short, we consider tartan to be our common and unifying heritage to which you are contributing, and not a means to exclude others from wearing a particular pattern. Note that we do give you royalties under these circumstances, in the form of Scotweb Points. See this section for more details.


By using our site, you agree to behave respectfully towards other site users and towards our staff. See this section for more details. 


We reserve the right to withhold offers or take further action if we consider any attempt to claim any offer fraudulent. See this section for more details.

Scotweb Tartan Designer site copyright & patents

All design elements, programming, and textual content of this web site are copyright Scotweb Marketing Ltd. We also have a UK patent pending on technologies developed by us for this site. We reserve all rights to these technologies and will seek legal redress and damages from anyone found to be infringing our exclusive rights. Unauthorised use will be deemed to be legal acceptance of our default licensing terms. By using this site you are deemed to be aware of and accepting these terms, and agree that any action will be held under Scottish law. See this section for more details.

Our copyright, and content licensing

All our content and code is copyright. If you use anything without permission, you are legally accepting our full-price licensing terms. See this section for more details. 

Legal notices

We are not liable for any consequential damages or costs, and any disputes are settled under Scottish law. See this section for more details.



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